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Lauda Si, the air and the environment may be cleaned, but what if we cannot breathe? Give me to drink. The human ecology and racism...#Jesuscannotbreathe

Exterminating Humans, Killing blacks... we have had to say#Blacklivesmatter
this is Wright killed in the USA.. link below...In Texas Woods, nobody returns his missing ear!
The Yucca big plants outside the office were dry and some leaves yellowing. In the heat wave that has hit Europe, it was crying out for water. Most people are on holidays and the plants were neglected. Upon watering them, the world seemed to change a little. The plants promised to green.

Nightbird then left and was on the street in daylight. She found a demonstration calling out for justice for the killing of yet another black young man, this time in Vienna, Austria. Kingsley Echeta from Nigeria was spoken about starting at the Omofuma Marcus Stein monument which is currently covered up, boxed in, on Maria Hilfe (Mary Help of Christians street) because the artist wants it officially recognised. 
Kingsley and daughter... courtesy of Global Reporters

Kingsley leaves this child and widow... let nobody tell Nightbird about his crimes.. if any.. WHERE is due proce
The dark monument had not been received with open arms. Omofuma died in the hands of brutal police in Sophia in his deportation to Nigeria, his wife being left in Austria. 

What Nightbird feels right now is that it is trouble to be black. In so many cases of killings, the young people are connected with drugs only in DEATH. No former arrests. Look at Wright here... 
How could he remove his own front teeth... and slit himself?

Animals, have outdone us...coyotes, refused to eat Wright's corpse... Lauda Sisi! Especially because in Kenya they also refused to eat J.M.Kariuki in 1975 and recently, a man who will not be breathing when you visit and whom many forgot... Yeibei. He was thrown into a game reserve, but the animals stood hushed and refused the kill as they did for the body of Bishop Kipsang Arap Muge in 1991.
As for Bob Ouko, what had remained but ashes.. also said to have killed himself and as for British Julie Ward... in the Mara...again, the animals refused this kill. 

Vienna's demonstration

Some people spoke out. Among them a fiery woman whom nothing can acquiesce.

She recalled Dr. King's dream and said... "We have to wake up and wake up everyone around us... this is a nightmare, no longer a dream!"

Black people are often fully insecure before white people at home and abroad. Studies by Fanon that showed what happened to the psychology of blacks through oppression are not read in Europe and Nightbird would like to know what nations are teaching their young ones about black people in the world. It is wanting. It is hard to sing this song in a strange land. 

Why isn't someone of this so often seen as more supreme color amidst so many people, talk about cultural arrogance, white supremacy... why? It also affects people in black lands... the lighter are treated differently. Why do you think celebs wear long hair and get closer to the blonde than the kinky? Lauda the black body!?

In the USA, the KKKlan are out and around Europe, Nazi reactions are not few. I wonder why color challenges us so? White, green, red and black are colors of Catholic Liturgy. After the demonstration Nightbird found a Mass going in Italian in a main church in Vienna. The vestments were white. All the congregation too. I know Nightbird can find an African mass when she wishes just like soon she will move to 'I'...

Before leaving the office, Nightbird took water in a pail and watered the grateful plants. In the soil in the pot, once again, Nightbird saw cigarette butts. Someone tell them that if cigarettes can kill you... they are not good food for plants. Nightbird removed empty cigarette packets and butts left floating in a natural tree seat in Oslo's St. Hanshaugen Park recently. Sad. 

 I believe...God became human...?

Humans treat humans and things without much thought and that needs to be checked and fast! Should we not emphasise on the gap between human to human and where it matters. I once heard a priest called Sobrino from Latin America preaching in Kenya during the World Social Forum. He said the Jesus is not on the crucifix. That he is crucified right now in the poor. Is Jesus the black man you have just shot down? Jesus cannot breathe.

This cannot be done only by the Vatican. Just like Pope Francis speaks to many, including non-believers, I would like him to focus on this and the abuse of children. Churches have not been innocent of racist tendencies. Someone needs to face up to how negative ethnicity was boosted by how African peoples were christianised and in so many ways, in a consistent and sensitive way address this narrative and where apologies are due, let them be made. 

There is only one Jew, One Black man, One White one, One Yellow....and they are just one human? When missionaries in Latin America asked if the Indians were humans who could be baptised and if they had a soul, they were answered. But this was an alarming signal that we do not understand humans. We need to change this and doing things the same will not. Stop the world for a moment. Let us take stock of many other cases! As if the tears on the shootings in the church at Charleston had dried! Don´t blame me, you are saying we make other peoples´burdens ours. Can we bear this without writing back?

Who was nailing Christ here on the ground? Sandra Bland...cries to the policeman who nail her down.

Nightbird was perching in the Vatican trying to follow your pens and signatures because so many people do. Nightbird believes all organisations of people, mostly have something good in them if not always perfect and that together the whole picture throughout the ages is interesting. As interesting as Michelangelo´s painting where the finger still stretches... potency and actuality. Lauda Si!

It is urgent to remind us of the environment but I think we assume that we already understand who we are. The people of dark skin I mean, are at the bottom of the pile too often. In Brazil, in South Africa, in North Africa, in India, in the USA, in Australia, in Asia and in the world in general. What if the environment is great but we cannot breathe. 

If Nightbird had not experienced that shaking hands, the sign of peace, was doubted in some churches on benches that spoke more of racial division, then she would be quiet. But really...when one day you experience that a doctor does not really see you because you are black, a lawyer, a shopkeeper... why should you imagine that a policeman is going to rescue you. But to see that a priest...silent, and never addressing such. Lauda Si, is for the angels, then.

Directly put, in streets of developed countries, there are too many black people being killed by police. When Nightbird tried to translate Lauda Si into her village language, there were problems of concept and thought. And the lack of specific mention of tangible problems 

Nightbird would like to sing verses to the night. Nightbird would like to speak to flowers and the moon, why, even Pluto and her moons. Nightbird does practical things. I say that the language of the teachings of the Pope Francis are easier but there is something still missing. It is to really open up. To address the wounds. 

You will tell me that this Pope and others have done it. But that distance from the reality of practice, must it be there? Was it so for Jesus. Was he not the one who said. " Give me to drink?" to a Samaritan woman?

Dear Pope Francis,

The reading of Lauda Si, flies. But my skin remains. The learning nurtures but right in the church black skin, is still that of Jesus?Black Madonna is lifted up from time to time but that is not enough. I really dare you deeply focus on the black skin of all religions. Touch the Untouchables.

Rather than take us where we have been before... for I remember John Paul II chanting the passion of Jesus and asking at Uhuru Park... when he visited the first time... "So you are a king then? If my kingdom was of this world...."

I have seen what racist comments were written to greet Obama in Kenya by Americans back in the USA. You know this story. In Lauda Si, you have welcomed us all to contribute... here is mine.
Mass in black is for the death. Make a mass of the death of racism.

You are going to Kenya... Wangarĩ wa Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize winner planted trees but died of cancer. Speak out. There is that environment we speak about and other inside.

The world is rife with racial and ethnic tensions. Grip it there. Remind the people of their value. Wangarĩ, at one time a practising Catholic, used to tell me... if only our people continued worshipping mountains and rivers... we would have more elephants today... We would not kill and maim others so easily and just perhaps Africa would have taught best on acceptance of diversity. 

Some will call you Mzungu ... but hatred based on your color... was never really ours until Apartheid set foot in the root of the continent. Slavery. Self hatred. Colonialism... and never seeing a representation of a God that looks like your own people... how can this be? Such saints are easy to count.

Dedan Kimaathi, came from Nyeri, where Saint, St. Irene Stephani, Nyatha worked. He was the hero for Kenya's freedom. In Catholic terms, this man is a MARTYR but nobody keeps that alive. He was baptised before he was executed and his story is well documented. I wanted to water this plant that is no longer green. 

And I wanted to arrest the ogre of racism... at least hunt it down... even if it never ends. Everytime I have heard a priest speak...  abroad, I have not heard this mentioned and at home too. 

You wore a mitre made of sheep skin and that was and is still smelling... goat. Let what you smell come out in your voice. On that I shall write a specific letter to you, even if you never replied my first one. Yes. About Kenya. 

Bishop Pante of Kenya must not fear to speak out citing his security. Kenya has had many religious martyrs, speak out Bishops and reclaim them. If not the spirit is wasted. Not just Kimathi. You have Kaiser. You have a long list somewhere in a church in Namanga. Let the Pope go there and ask for these who died. Canonisation is not enough. Special photo where Kenyan Bishop Pante gives a mitre that stinks sheep thing to Pope Francis who smells it...
You see, the Turkana and the Samburu are said to just fight... There are serious underlying political causes. Another type of racism... if you like. Diplomacy bids you be indirect but surely not the stench that rises from Lampedusa... It starts just like that... at home. Nightbird wants a Cardinal Sin in you! Cardinal Otunga was almost that. Speak, the president confesses he is your sheep. I am not a lamb. Christ is. 

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