Friday, July 16, 2010

for freedom to win and our country

Mother Kenya,

How are you? You asked me if where we are all is fine.
And if we were cheering for Africa to win,
the golden cup made with the sweat of miners
from Johannesburg; now called the World Cup,
We were so proud of it at home, Mother.
If other places it may not be, here we light candles for the miners,
a mine belongs to the underground, and shining rich stuff before our eyes,
comes from dirty earth.
You taught me to be frank Mother, I know you patiently listen.

Everywhere there are problems Mother,
everywhere there are situations calling us to win,
Remember the last time we run and cried in sacks?
I could not have peace without justice, in Kenya,
and watch my country flow again with pain.
I played goal keeper in my sack,
you taught me how to embroider needs.
In 2007 I stitched with my needle, sowed my seeds of hope.

I knew that before me you paid the price,
a husband in detention and children to feed.
I know that you are still paying the price,
Your children scattering everywhere solace to find.
And so very often, goals are scored by their enemy.
So with problems everywhere Mother,
I try to make your corner safe,
every bird knows where its young ones sit,
crying and chirping for food from a beak.
How to kick the ball is another way.

Every goat knows why it wants,
to rub the horns of the other goat,
and as if playing tries one the other's strength.
I just want to sit with you, Mother.
I know how much you try for me;
I must cheer your team i know this is cool.

I know, what I know and how I know,
is from your heartbeat that I learned;
that I cannot embrace the earth if our hearth does not hug me,
That I cannot love the world, be pan African, if am not pan tribal,
If I do not know what my own Mother needs; for her defence and her score.

If every day we do not win this world cup at home,under the eaves of
and the shadow of the hut, where shall we ever win our hope to leven?
I know it Mother, you cannot dribble balls now, but your cheer is enough for me,
to urge one and all, to win the little world cup at home, with their neighbour
and on the street, we defend the goal against division amd score unity for Africa!

Your daughter in the struggle,