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Maryamu, Feruary 2 2020 Medjugorje...Celestial Mama is every one's pride! Mother of Humanity, Transfixing Her enemies

Nightbird wearied of a world without leadership... and then she found a different dimension! Awesome!

Some people fear Our Lady, but how can you fear your Mother? She herself says She sees something wonderful in each of us. It does not take long to be Her friend. She just helps...
St. Bakhita
and if you fear apparitions, She is best known as a perpetual presence.... Our Lady Help of Christians is open to all humans. But don't be Her enemy no matter what you are... She, in a very gentle way speaks of love and REPENTANCE, Reconciliation, Sacraments. Not threats. She and Her Son want us happy also on earth if we follow their steps... 

On the right is St. Bakhita who was a great friend of Mother Mary. Serene and happy. She died on the 8th of February 1947 far from home after being kidnapped many years ago by slave traders in Darfur, Sudan. NIghtbird wants to tell her story another day and marvel again, if you are willing to fly along!

Elsewhere, it is written and foretold...that, In the latter days...

Some people will appear... and no matter how secularised the world will be, no matter how seemingly divided... they will just speak the truth... These will be slaves of Maria. Not in the sense of a slave like Bakhita was, as we shall mention her soon, not like the ones stolen to work in different parts of the world, but slaves of who willingly give themselves to the only person who can in many ways mediate with God. 

"But what will they be like, these servants, these slaves, these Children of Mary? They will be ministers of the Lord, who like a flaming fire, will enkindle everywhere the fires of divine love. They will become, in Mary's powerful hands, like sharp arrows, with which SHE will transfix her enemies." True Devotion to Mary by Louis De Montfort ( read pdf version online)

This story is told in a different way in various languages...It is a story about a woman - Maria- who on earth was simple and even poor but who knew her way and had a sharp practical focus. 

But just like we have many things in the news, Nightbird has seen that Maria is in world news especially urging the world to pray for peace and this began long ago. However, Nightbird has been out in the bushes and found that She - in a few chosen eyes - but there are many other senses of all others that can capture Her, is visiting the world for many, many years. In some places, it is Vatican official, in a few others, it is going on .... and therefore, cannot yet receive the stamp of recognition for that is a process that requires that She has stopped her visit. 

If you say Medjugorje, quite a few ears will be in tune if not the tongues. Bosnia-Herzegovina. A remote village. There is a book from the hands of one of the visionaries named Mirjana Soldo:
My Heart will Triumph... is the title and that is Maria saying that her heart will triumph but we must pray, pray, pray and that her children the priests must work with her... and so why does she come to us... Because of the Mercy of God the Father who pities us in our ignorance of Love and who we are. We are children... no matter how modernist, rationalist or whatever... just children. I have to say, I often think the soul is a 'child... '

So what am I talking about? The same Our Lady who appeared in Lourdes of course. In 1858, February 11th to a sickly girl now St. Bernadette. And in Fatima, Portugal, in 1917 pleading for prayers for the end of World War I. Now she is asking for prayers for peace in the world. Fatima's themes are continued in Medjugorje.

February 2nd 2020

She said: Latest Medjugorje Message, February 2, 2020 - Apparitions to Mirjana
Mirjana during an apparition^
Dear children! By the act of the decision and love of God, I am chosen to be the Mother of God and your mother. But also by my will and my immeasurable love for the Heavenly Father and my complete trust in Him, my body was the chalice of the God-man.

I was in the service of truth, love and salvation, as I am now among you to call you, my children, apostles of my love, to be carriers of truth; to call you to spread His words, the words of salvation, by your will and love for my Son: that with your actions you may show, to all those who have not come to know my Son, His love.

You will find strength in the Eucharist-my Son who feeds you with His Body and strengthens you with His Blood. My children, fold your hands [in prayer] and look at the Cross in silence. In this way, you are drawing faith to be able to transmit it; you are drawing truth to be able to discern; you are drawing love that you may know to love truly. My children, apostles of my love, fold your hands [in prayer], look at the Cross. Only in the Cross is salvation. Thank you. 
Here is the website...Messages of each month since 1981 and more news...

This is Someone that everybody should know because if we talk about people being proud of what women have achieved, Mary of Nazareth cannot be left out. And indeed She is not the Mother of Catholics as some people have often thought, no, She is the Mother of Humanity. All over the world, She is known to visit. Egypt, Rwanda, Portugal and many unofficial sites exist. I think it is hopeless trying to lock Her and Her son out of thought because She says She is always with us even when we do not see her. 

Well, Jesus did not become a Christian, he became man. And so everyone has something in this...

"1. It was through the Blessed Virgin Mary that Jesus came into the world, and it is also through her that he must reign in the world. 2. Because Mary remained hidden during her life she is called by the Holy Spirit and the Church "Alma Mater", Mother hidden and unknown. So great was her humility that she desired nothing more upon earth than to remain unknown to herself and to others, and to be known only to God."

This was written by a man called today, St. Louis de Montfort. This man along with some others such as St. Alfonso di Liguori, have a special place for Maria's all pure Heart but so does St. Bakhita a freed slave from Dafur, Sudan, who rose to grace the altars and indeed to share with the world too something about our great Mary of whom all men and women should be really proud...(And don't bother about color or language... She appears in all of them and the language of hate is defeated.... )

Mother Mary with Child Jesus in Mariakirken, Lillehammer
Norway... in the light of the sun
   Nightbird reasons that if we are so shocked by the misery of the world and its sin and its rottenness... we are always complaining ... and we know that deep down this twisted thing comes from sin, why not clap on top of the mountains when you hear that someone, was born without sin? That Maria in particular was born all pure because the Mother of God had to be sinless? 

Nightbird is tired of flying over dead innocent babies and  people, trafficked beings, hungry beings, lonely beings, unhappy souls. Why, she claps for Maria is that this celestial Mama does not care how rotten you are when you ask Her for help. She gives it even in last moment of life. Nightbird saw that. Why, simply because She is a Mother and which mother likes her child out in the cold or near the teeth of wolves? Or Lions?

Since Nightbird went on a long holiday of weeks, months and years, since 2015, we alive can say"Once upon a time!" 

Yes, 'Once upon a time' there was this bird that still is alive and sitting on a fence it sensed a fine wind blowing down in circles. It was as if the circles came from time immemorial and they were so swift and swirling, they touched memory.

The memory of Maryamu, Maria... Yes a woman mentioned more times in the Quran than in the Bible and one all humanity should be most proud of. For there is nobody like her among women, truly.  So

The memory was of beauty untouched, unreproduced, pure and really beautiful mixed together ... tota pulchra...All beautiful. 

Naaam... ni mrembo wa kupindukia! Here is a song... in Kiswa

Wimbo wa kumsifu Maria...

And this beauty you hear about is also truth for in her, there is no way of separating any quality. You say gentleness, you find wisdom. You find Wisdom you find fullness of knowledge. And so it is said by many who cared to find out... most of them men like one called Louis (Marie Grignion) de Montfort wrote books about Maria, the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

He was born in 1673 ( 31st of January and died on April 28th 1716) and all manner of people are still celebrating him and not only that, using his consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary to make sure that every bolt is tight for their journey in life.

Unlike many think, the first and most important thing in this life is to save your own soul. And how do you do that? One way is to look and carefully follow those who are believed to have found a new life after their deaths. There are many who have done so and many who have not. From the ones who have officially made it, there is light. 

Louis de Montfort made it by following closely what the Mother of Jesus did and wants Nightbird to do in order to sing forever. Why learn a song and notes if they are only good while we are on earth? Nightbird wants her song to last eternally. Since she learnt that there is an eternity to come, she became more quiet... She almost stopped dancing on her keyboard to become a hermit... you see, that is what nightlife leads to! But no, her hermitage is not yet here.

It was St. Bakhita whose heroic love of God amidst such huge contradictions is celebrated today on 8th February. I will not say much about her now but one thing, I must say.

When she was dying... and she knew she was, despite the sweet words of getting better which came from her doctor... and which she sweetly went past... her fellow nuns came to her room. The story is told that in the last instant she looked up smiling and said "Our Lady!" For that is the title many people know her by. Madonna. Our Lady!

As for Louis de Montfort, he fortells times when people who love this Mother will be so strong. End Times. When such people with her Rosary in the left hand and their Bible in the right, will be strong unstoppable preachers of the Word Made Flesh. Nightbird has met some of these and her song cannot be stopped. You thought you could not stop Reggae and Nightbird agreed with you... Nobody can stop reggae... but now Nightbird tells you all... Nobody can stop this gentle Regina, this queen. 

Ave Regina coelorum! Hail queen of heaven! Ave Domina Angelorum! Hail queen of the angels... At night Nightbird just gazes at her invisible presence nowadays! That is where Nightbird eyes are!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas is neither white nor black, the Mother of Sorrows keeps talking... A BLACK VIRGIN MARY appeared in Kibeho, Rwanda

An image of the Blessed Virgin Mary holding 
the Christ Child is made out of African butterfly wings. (CR Staff/George P. Matysek Jr 
When your butterflies flutter peacefully and become my Mother, then does Nightbird sing of some joy for the sun in us, on earth. No one wants to be orphans
without you we are ...

Let it rain!

There was a time our dry banana fibres also became you and we loved your warmth. You filled our homes with rainbows. We walked everywhere in awe as the floor showed it has seen you passing on a cloud. You took the home of tobacco and turned it into that of silent conviction. 

But when the time to speak came, you were not silent. History is selected. Privacy has hidden treasures. It is necessary but not permanently? And not when it protects tomorrow´s explosion!
Ah, would silence reign for peace!

Long ago people shook hands to show that they were friendly and not armed. In the part of Afrika  where Nightbird conceived, a peace branch is waved BY MEN to stop war. Signs means something more than words. The women live in the hope of not attacking them and children. Never.

There are peace trees. What about this? Are there signs to stop poverty and hunger, other wars? Now arms are more in the soul and in the mind? 

Nightbird thought hard and answered, "It appears that we have to get bare. We must tell one another what really is inside there, what we have been teaching and hiding at the same time? Does it match? What we really think and what drives what fear? Why are we so private when it comes to our roots as souls? Should that separate us that much or so dangerously? Nightbird is just trying to find out.

Last week Nightbird and her friend Fatuma were discussing the attacks on Paris, Garissa, Beirut and so many places as well as crusades by Christians in the past and conversions by force. Nightbird agreed this was ugly and so much has been so. But they focused on beauty. Fatuma said beautiful is the sura on Maryamu in the Quran, very beautiful, she said because it explains so clearly how Maryamu was a single mother who conceived by a miracle.
Nightbird was rather intrigued. How little she knows. 

Fatuma told Nightbird that when she is depressed she goes to St. Michael, a church in the city where she comes from and finds a corner where she said Maryamu is. 

It turns out that it is the statue of Lourdes Mother that is there. And then Fatuma said, all the doubts disappear, the pain and the confusion and for a while, she feels a soft breeze consoling her. Nightbird could only stare. When she was there last, she only saw a dark reflection of the same statue. Or so she thought. 

She considered it strange, but when Fatuma, a refugee, got her permission to live in that city, she run straight to the Lady, to thank her. She said she learnt from Eastern Europeans whom Maria is. They came from a land where they were fighting each other on ethno-religious differences.

Why are we so concerned about what moves a radical to terror... if we hide our own convictions so much, or even visions unless they are being reported for funding? There is a vacuum then? Nature does not respect it.

Or why do we always show our ´mission´ and ´vision´ in a mathematical way which suits the economy if the result we want is freedom and social cohesion? Who steps out when it comes to ´what do you believe?´ which seems today to be the same as ´what do you think?´ Are these the same things, to think and to believe?

I revere your silent secrecy, and not having everything, everywhere is key too. We need oases of peace and privacy but only when their results are a surprising impetus for good in our lives and those of nature. Like that.

We try to transform other materials into new and beautiful things. Who can teach us to transform inhumanity to humanity and defeat inhumanity of violence. Nightbird carries words.

When your butterflies flutter peacefully and become my Mother, then does Nightbird sing of some joy for the sun in us, the world. No one wants to be orphaned.

Everyone wants to be enveloped by happy nature in which one can see the images of things one loves. 

 Like a tall giraffe walking as if on a cloud. Like an ocean coming home as if it is leaving ....

In the night, Nightbird sees trees becoming elephants and rivers singing silvery tears ring. In the morning buildings are part of the sky in harmony with the stars as the celebrated feast of Christmas. Has it got anything to do with faith for many? 

Who said a certain friendliness is not faith? Happy Diwali, we all love light? But nightbird manages. Where does she begin to tell the story of how...interesting life can be? From being a foetus?

Hearing takes priority in the human being that is yet unborn not sight. Nightbird listens. It is said to be the same about a faith, one might have, not have or may have heard about, but sometimes both come into play, Nightbird has learned at the same time.

 Nightbird calls on, again... for a mother...and now Nightbird wills that she turns all colors. Nightbird is happy in their darkness they share. Nightbird loves her black and tells her..that so black she should return to Europe where her songs could be louder. Her hugs. Her mystical ways. These are not about any one teaching. To be mystical you touch all by touching one. 
Nightbird, stop getting so preachy and excited, just wait!
No she answers, there is here a story that is interesting since NOBODY is pushed to believe it or in any apparition.

From the middle ages to this day, a figure of someone referred to as Mother, woman, Lady... Virgin... keeps appearing to different people with the same messages. Those who see her report great joy.

She warns of the loss of joy through her tears. Wars, genocides, lack of peace, ethnic hatred, hungry power, greed... all the anxiety that results from these she does NOT at all like. She suffers and sheds tears all the time. But freedom is her key and not force. Her dazzling light does not take away the responsibility to see with plain sight.

Who is she? She loves flowers and colors, who is she? She does not like it when people are sick and tired and heals whilst reminding of the pain that all human beings must suffer, in her words, the cross. Whose daughter is this?

Our Lady Of Afrika
Nightbird has been wordless with world news which are amplified by long nights like sounds in darkness. Why do we not understand the power of color? Another one downed, yet another group killed in terror. What color is joy?  Nightbird reads today about the theology of color, where black means life.

Restless beyond what any fiction or truth can tell Nightbird is. Is there a new coming? She kept asking. So, then Nightbird took a long break, and in silent darkness she listened. 

Sometimes in the darkness of the night
an owl sings how she knows.
And we all say she hoots,
and many yell foul,
as if in sport competition.
But still be the midnight´s silence,
the owl just sings,
and the moon washes her tears.
She is an owl bright and clear,
a star whether elf or giant

One night, the owl hears
the only answer,
from a little flower struggling to  grow
in a forest beneath so many huge trees.
To sight the moon is gentle,
my love,
the owl hears.
To look the sun --
is hard even where it shines,
all day.
The whole sun to see in a ray,
a rare gift,
of her sharp sight.

The owl shares the moon with the little flower sun
and we do not understand,
their sweet caress,
and their silent sound,
they fear us!
  Philo Ikonya, Out of Prison- Love Songs, Locker, Wien. 2010

"To sight the moon is gentle. The whole sun to see in a ray."
Nightbird is awake when the moon begins to meet the sun. The Morning Star has fascinated her with its absolute beauty on winter mornings, no matter. Stars still flicker. And she turns north and south. Back to the woman, Lady...Mother.

Nightbird understands her concern with social issues is what many people fear is political and very sensitive. In Fatima, named after Mohamed´s daughter who was married to a Christian there, the Lad left a message about the conversion of Russia and told about the problems of 1917, the revolution. It was so serious that St. John Paul II did what the Lady wanted in 1985. He consecrated Russia to her. What does that mean? Nightbird does not know. 

Nightbird has also discovered that the Lady is revered as Mother of All Nations. The Lady is concerned for all history and powers of nations.

This one, she does not make the news the way First Ladies of the world do through reporters. She, herself brings her own news. Nightjar was reading by the light of the moon and asking her why she was always in one part of the world. The North.

Why not dark, why not African? Now Nightbird has seen records of that is where she started showing up. She knew Egypt on foot. And then it turns out that some months before Nightbird asked her that she had been there, back there in her mystical form and beauty. 

Many of her visits are not recognised but they persist for years even when some thought that it was all hysteria... but the people say she was there, is there, and everything aligns itself in order. In Kenya she has a village in Subukia. The waters there heal or comfort and there is a way of cross in the trees.  

In Mukuyu- Ini or Mũkũyũ-inĩ, Koma Rock in Kayole Nairobi and now in Machakos somewhere, there is always her sound. She is there. 

In a place called Kibeho, in Rwanda, she appeared speaking of the terror that would come if the people did not pray hard enough. Her message there, in 1982, is just as she gave it in Sweden to a woman later to be known as St. Bridget of Sweden in 1343.  Her message: Think of my Seven sorrows.  In 1876, her visit was approved in France and she became a public entity for those who will at Lourdes.

She was always pleading about nations, economic problems, wars, genocides like someone who had read history before her story was on earth. And now at Medjugorje, Bosnia where so many Serbs died and where again religions clashed, she is attracting millions. Terror repels. She attracts like a magnet. People run to such a possibility and will even crawl there to see where it is said she stood and is waiting to bring about something that will baffle all nations.

Nightbird belongs to the world which wants stars, no matter how far one has to go. The world that aligns with light and victory no matter how dark the night is. For actually the most amazing miracle Nightbird knows right now is how the dream of possible peace and a happier world fights inside most people. Never dies. Can never be terrorised. Millions of people have hope. That is not news. It is the story of Nightbird blogging gone nuts!