Sunday, April 5, 2015

Racism in ideas keeps all of it alive, Dark Matter might redeem us... Higgs Boson...Super gliders...

EIght bullets for Micheal Slager and... killed by cop in North Charleston
Killed. Eight bullets... is this not an epidemic... In the mean time.. science is far
advanced. Where is the balance? April 8 2015
Nightbird has been thinking about the absent of some ideas from some parts of the world in what the world passes as books on thinking....and then it happens that just when she wanted to write about it, some very bad news is out. And apparently good news on Dark Matter.

Nightbird never thought that the matter of understanding that black life must have dignity in America, in America and everywhere, would be much more advanced. Much more by now.

Searching for Dark Matter begins. Science. Five beams around the tunnel. New insight into Dark Matter is exciting. It may come from one man but Nightbird really hopes that one day, nobody will write about thinking without pointing out that all people of all races think and write and speak out. And thoughts should not have color. But one wonders if all this is just above the surface. What is underneath the perpetual treatment of black males especially like this? Treatment? No? Shooting them dead. 

But Nightbird can ask some questions on the side. Nightbird know how much value there is in inventing, working hard on sciences and philosophy. Nightbird also believes that we are caught up in not showing how and about what people think in the world unless they are at the centre of big prizes and inventions. There are many inventions by black people that are simply downplayed. If everything you use is made only elsewhere by others then who are you? And yet, should production determine who you are?

There is nothing or pretty Nightbird can change on who invented what at what time and where they came from. As long as some people are presented as absent in the world of thought, of philosophy. As long as their achievements are only in the body, in Football and sports and even there they are abused for it, then forget about any meaningful liberation.

To find out more and more about the universe and where we are and who we are is welcome. Have we found out who we are on earth and where we are and where we are going. We are going to learn far more about the universe. The topic is on BBC as Nightbird writes this... and these are the words. It is a huge investment and yes, technology goes up and Nightbird is for it.... but questions linger on earth. What have we done with light and darkness in the world so far. 

The speed of stars, how they look, how they swing... the gravitational pool.... mass. Can Dark Matter benefit humanity?

Beauty hits us everywhere. But Nightbird does not forget that in the middle of pure degradation, the Shoah, the killing of the Jewish people for reasons nobody has ever explained and never can fully explain, people were listening to the best of music of their times. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven... so many.

Let Nightbird make this simple. Check your books, the people who represent your media, look around your hut and find out where you are with understanding of a thinking humanity reaches. I mean your hut in every continent. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The importance of tolerance in our world …. for whom is this intolerable?

Copyright, Philo Ikonya. Subtle watermark within, ask before use if keen.

Is this the picture of what it takes to tolerate? Strength? 
  There is cement down there... rocks... water...Who will allow some naked roots for tolerance to grow? Who will show us our see through bodies belonging to all? The hole in us?

Who is tolerating who here? Is it the cement? The ruins? The sky? The leaves? The people- there was a wonderful guide. The monkeys? Isn't that more about ecology then, ecosystems?

 This photo is taken at the ruins at Gedi in the Kenyan coast, near Lamu. It is near some ancient mosques and houses of the Arabs who lived there. But...

Let me confess that this blogpost title, the first part... "The importance of tolerance in our world..." was written in a totally artificial moment because a TV journalist asked Nightbird to forget her blindness and sit upon a chair and be filmed working Nightbird. I was meant to show something. 

Nightbirds are mistaken for romantic birds of the song of the nightingale sometimes. No. I have always included the owl and sometimes bats in my thinking. Blindness and perfect sight. Birds know both like us. Nightbird feels her way blindly, she thinks. She wants to travel or fly around differently and now always with all the lights on. But here was the camera and it has a different story with light.

Nightbird had just answered the question what she thinks tolerance is in this context of talk of people learning to tolerate  one another in our world. "Tolerance", she said, is the recognition of the beauty of diversity, the strength it has and the reward it gives. She added one could see diversity and love it but that even if one did not love it, one should feel compelled to at least let it be... let things be because they are, let others be. She also said it is not a passive thing. It includes hard, hard work. 

Letting things be in one thing but where tolerance is worked, and this is the burden of it and perhaps the sound that makes some dislike the word, is visible. If there is tolerance, there is something growing, blossoming, maybe with thorns but we can talk about thorns without hurting.... " She had been told she could be asked to repeat her answer but in this case the camera was at once pleased and she could go onto the next step which is to write on her blog. There was no rehearsal to be done. Later she thought she should have opened the post she has on Albert Luthuli and Maksim Gorky and explained a few things about our world. But she was already free of cameras.

Now Nightbird reflects. She has to say this word 'tolerance' is one of those she has often wondered about. She can hear the Latin part of it. Sometimes she felt as if this word belonged somewhere else, to the words that get tired despite the urgency of their meaning? Did this word have enough of the 'long intestine' in it in spite of being so long. Do words have limbs, heart and all? All of them? Standing alone? So Nightbird is still thinking. Freedom. Love. Work. Recognition.