Wednesday, December 10, 2014

STOP touting the end of the era of Human Rights, we have not had any! Check impunity in the world!

Nightbird cried. For things were hard at her domestic level. One is part of one's sister somehow and when a sister dies, a part of one lies immobile too. But soon good flipping of wings taught Nightbird to get up and fly. 

Nightbird has been flying from night to night in deep observation. Meditation. Long live the owls, they greeted her with wisdom.

Where was she to start? Not so long ago Nightbird wondered at where the world was leading itself from. Who would have thought to hear things like if Martin Luther King Jr. were alive he would cry? 
Look what they do! May a million Dr. Martin Luther Kings arise! 2014
And this from one of Nightbird's favorite programs, HardTalk? Well, why on earth are not millions of Dr. Kings crying and of all colors? Why has this been so? Must it be black to cry for black? How when we buried Mandela a year ago speaking about a rainbow? Do we say rainbow only thinking of colors? It cannot be.

No. Every president ever anywhere, not just Obama, every person of authority should have been Dr. King Jr all this time. We have tried to be him. Nightbird did. Everyone regardless of gender. It is imperative for every one of us to stop pointing fingers elsewhere and ask ourselves what we are doing about racism. 

Nightbird wanted to write that we are not being creative enough when she realised through Fergusson and others, Mike Brown, Gayner that this is a heavy loss to the world. 

On human rights. Nightbird wrote about Mexico and disappearances. This week some walls have fallen. All of us must stop at a moment that could remind us we are so far away. 

The President of Brazil Dilma Youssef was weeping as she read a report of torture in Brazil years ago. We saw those torture chambers. No denial here. They are facing it.

Mr Hyden former boss of CIA on the other hand seemed to happy to ask what was wrong with banging a fellow who was secured on to a wall? It was meant to make noise, more noise than cause harm. What part of the body was hit? He asked. This is terrible. 

Who does not know that police cause noise to harm and still traumatise? It seems to me you cannot know until you are that person. The victim in this case does not know what is happening minute by minute and that is what is wrong. This is torture. The Guantanamo 6 are out after so much suffering. 

Mr Hyden justifies some tactics... but CIA and America as told by China this is so wrong and not possible. At the same time Kenya too has been involved and guess who was training in Brazil and in Kenya for torture. The UK of course.

Maybe someone might hear Nightbird, or many people. This is a moment we cannot lose. We have to agree that we are helping create terror with these deeds. We all have to acknowledge including those who fuel planes for renditions to Guantanamo and other places. 

We have to accept that we have made mistakes. We cannot sit there and wait for terror to stop. Beheadings will not stop. We have to live up to our beliefs if we so believe in human rights. This is a shocking moment.

For if more life, even one is lost it is us to blame. We have to stop this depravity which has led us to wonder if there is any moral authority left on earth. We have to hear Malala Yousoufzai say the same. If we continue to torture and even kill while asking others to respect our rights will they? 

We have to act and believe first and show that we believe that the killing of one person is the killing of all humanity. This is possible for us before we can ask if it is possible for the others to believe and live it. 

The struggle for Human Rights has only began. We cannot with some experts start believing that their era is over. How can we when the Millennium Development Goals were undeliverable. Good morning 2015!

It is time to see what we can do, what must stop is the taking of any lives, the torturing of individuals. The world must hear that this has stopped. People can be tried peacefully. 

Nightbird is flying around the globe again. Nightbird is searching. Nightbird is believing that yes, we can stop these ugly ways. That with color or without, with terror or without we never put the rule of law second. Stop all forms of torture and stop it first those of you who claim civility before you tell others who are acting in retaliation to stop. Stop this now. Enough of impunity!

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