Friday, November 15, 2013

Seasons Greetings to Paul Biya and Pope Francis: Open Kondengui Prison and let out historian and writer Enoh Meyomesse!

The Nightbird told me that "Africa cannot afford brains behind bars, it sang me that Enoh is fixed! WHO will change the world of writers deprived of Freedom of Expression?

    Pope Francis and The President of Cameroon in October 2103
Enoh Meyomesse in prison for 7 years 
At first I did not believe this could happen in Cameroon a country whose civilisation I heard about many years ago.

          A place where our greetings were once long and loving, full of aaahs and eeehs and come and visit us again.

  Pope Francis loves to answer letters and he rings people, and I know now he can ring Enoh Meyomesse in prison in Cameroon because he had "Colloquial talks and has good bilateral relations with Cameroon's president, Paul Biya and his wife, Chantal Biya.
Thank you Reuters. Now we want Enoh and prisoners of Conscience free in Africa, all of them for Christmas!

"For I was in prison and you visited me!"

Release Enoh release, he does not belong to prison ....

I was wondering how this world is working and I looked everywhere for signs of change. I consider myself friend of all writers and I had written to Pope Francis about poets and freedom. And I asked him why he sits with dictators close and if he reminds them of certain things. Is their authority from above too?

I....I am just a poor woman who was once mesmerised by John Paul IIs poetry, life under Communism and lack of freedom. I have to say I still love the poetry he wrote and I wondered if Enoh and people who have seen prison walls in Afrika for reading and writing could stand up at the canonisation of the poet and read poetry? In Ethiopia and many places now they are calling them terrorists of the first order! Who brings sanity to this continent and the world? I am paining in the delivery, the rebirthing of Africa, anyone to help out there?

Are you mad oh? Some asked. So I, as I was myself in the snow, I looked for a neighbour as we do in Africa, A neiba of Enoh, I mean a country woman or man.

I went from city to city with a little lamp lit asking: Have you seen Enoh? Enoh Meyomesse? Do you know Enoh? Enoh Meyomesse: Historian, Writer, big brain, University, universitiiii I added as I do not speak French.

Are you pretending to be Socrates they asked?

Have you? Have you seen Enoh? I heard of his fame on my ancestors' lips, fame in a land they called Kameruni. Land, they said where both French and English are spoken. One man far, far away finally said, ' Yes we know Enoh!'

They added that my ancestors were right, that Enoh was not a push over, he kept his eye on history. I asked again, where he is and they hissed at me:

Kondengui! Kondengui! Kondengui! Kondengui! Kondengui! Prison, because he speaks like our original grandmothers in Afrika: Freely!
Prison I asked?
Prison! Prison! Prison!
This neiba told me Enoh is fixed. He told me in the snow. It cried the snow did, until it went red. Oh eh Enoh, No!

That prison of yours, I told them sounds familiar. I know Kondele in Kenya and Ngui... ngui... ngui... I will not even dare tell you the meaning of... But I should I tell you, No, I sing...

Freedom for all dear! First Lady of Cameroon, Chantal

I swear by Plato's aunt, the man should be out, we do not have enough brains to imprison inCameroon, we are already marooned. Oh Cameroon! who sings the big word there like the big chief, big word without the wind of freedom? Who sings! Qui?

Eee neee keeeh inyue?

Ask Aristotle whose uncle is not Kenyatta... he too needs to learn, I know that is East Africa. Kuuliza si ujinga. The land where our ancestors said one should not get imprisoned for a question. There they are making people pregnant with fear and death too, for asking questions? Hehhhehe? Guku ni kwau? Whose land is this? From East to West?

Now you know the man in power in Cameroon has a lovely kind wife. I dreamed that she kissed him dearly when he went to meet Pope Francis at the Vatican early this month. She told him:

"My Dear Paulo,

land is sad, Freedom of Expression is a must!

You know, you are almost named like a Pope. Paulo witu wa Afrika. Our own Afrikan Paulo. Now, Paulo I tell you, tell the Pope this new Francis to set us free in heaven for he was given key. 

Do you hear Paulo? Biya, do you hear? He was given key of heaven he tells us in this world". She was trembling as she said added:

"When we see him fall on our knees in case the locks the doors like we locked up.... and then she did not dare to tell the dream she had. Like we locked up Enoh Meyomesse, who is also president, the Nigerian neighbours heard and added Ooh... they said, 

"Enoh is also president Oh, President of The National Cameroonian Association of Writers. Who can breathe there in Cameroon as a writer oh?

To the lovely wife, Africa is tired oh! Get your sisters together for freedom oh!

Pope, our ancestors are questioning good bilateral relations with you oh, they love Meyomesse. You had colloquial talks and drinks without mentioning they languish in prison so many and you have the keys with you oh? And then you open for Paul Biya and we here on our knees oh, telling Mary Rosary on African beads oh? Make this easy prayer to Twitter oh@PONTIFEX because in days of today with Tweet all formality is going home ...getting lost. 

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