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The Kings´ madness: pædophile Daniel Vina (alias) and millions of other children

Mexican writer on child abuse

 "Hope has two beautiful daughters; 
their names are Anger and Courage. 
Anger at the way things are, 
and Courage to see they do not remain as they are."
St. Augustine of Hippo

We must rage if we have Courage. If we have a heart... corazon, cuore, cor, coeur, moyo we must speak in all tongues to  Juan Carlos rey, king of Spain and  King Mohammed the VI, of Morocco . To royalty everywhere.
Juan Carlos, King of Spain
Last week a horrific tragedy which Driss Ikse of Economia in an Al Jazeera interview called a 'mistake' was broadcast.  The King of Morocco had granted pardon to a pædophile. It was not the first time he was pardoning gross law breaking by a foreigner. This king and all kings need to learn that our children are our royalty and that they deserve all security. They do not speak out more and work for children and protect those who do that. Why would they have anything to do with the release of a pædophile to freedom even if for two minutes? 

This shocking case was treated quite casually by those who have access to royalty and on whose behalf they speak to us. They badly  need to hear of the daughters of Hope and try to look after them. Yes, Anger and Courage.

It was an error, a kind of typo, the kings' men and women declared.  A simple gesture or tone, maybe by the nod of the head of the King of Spain, Juan Carlos, Royal Public Relations told the world had caused the wrong impression releasing this man among 48 other Spanish prisoners and he was freed first. 

Between these two kings the news reported of how because of an insinuation, the King of Spain explained, the King of Morocco decided to release a man whose pseudonym is Daniel Vina... Mulan. He was among many others released but he was spirited out of jail as if he were a Snowden about to unleash intelligence. And then questions were raised about his name. But within royal circles, there was quick royal and diplomatic shuttling and silence.
Mohammed VI, King of Morocco
Miguel Anxo Murado a political commentator in Spain said this was `embarrassing` to the king of spain. Embarrassing? Abdication of the throne would be the only fitting gesture. Call royalty to account. Where are the angry voices of other kings? Am told royalty is never indignant? Knock on castle walls. Blare the trumpets. Let soldiers change guard and look to the children. Use new language for new exposures.

Pædophiles, and many are tourists in different parts of the world as Dorothy Rozga of Ecpat International speaking from Bangkok on an interview with Al Jazeera kept reminding us get away so easily. They buy police and other local authorities protection. They are in bed with power but they want to shred children into pieces. 

In The Demons of Eden, the power protecting child pornography  (Los demonios del Edèn, El poder que protege a la pornografia infantil) the author, Lydia Cacho from Mexico has a little girl telling the story of how she was abused. The absurd thing is that it is little girls like these who live in fear and writers such as herself. Threatened with death for telling it as it is. I have not heard any royalty sat up all night because of such things. I have seen beds they slept on preserved for many centuries instead. Where are their museums of the heart? Of valiant deeds today? When do they dress as paupers and walk our lives? Do they read what Lydia C and others write:

One time we were in his room after he had done things to me. I did not wish to go down to the kitchen and he came up for me. He carried with him a knife, one of those big kitchen knives in his hands and he told me he was going to chop me up completely, into pieces. He is a devil and I was petrified. I went down......he told me "If you obey me all will go well. You will go to school, I will buy you clothes and beautiful things but if you tell anybody that person will die. If you tell your mothershe dies. I told you even if you do not like it that this is what all fathers do with their children." And since I do not have a father...
... Yo no quise bajar a la cocina y èl subiò por mi. Traìa un cuchillo, de esos grandotes de la cocina, en la mano ye me dijo que me iba a cortar otoda, en pedacitos. Yo bajè. No queria que me cortaron en pedacitos. Èl es el diablo y me daba miedo. Me decìa "Mira, mi `jita, sit te portas bien y me obedeces todo va a estar bien, iràs a la escuela y te comprarè ropa y cosas bonitas; pero si le dices algo a alguien, esa persona se va a morir. Si le dices a tu mamà, ellas se muere. Ya te dije, esto, aunque no te guste, es lo que hacen todos los papàs con sus hijas". Y como yo no tengo papá....!

The story of Cintia is not unique painful as it is. It is multiplied by millions of instances. All we need to do is to remember the many unreported cases. The many abuses that are trashed and parents, media and others bribed to kill such reports. Intimidation is rampant by the same perpetuators. It does not shatter them to think what this means to the childrens`s lives, not to matter to them whether children survive or die. They could not care about the numbers. The many children who suffer this injustice without a glimpse of any hope. The silenced voices. 

And the perpetrators of this way are not sick. They have every word in order for to intimidate the little ones. Or just plainly to disappear them or kill them. No. What is even more disturbing is that they do not act alone. They are often backed by power. 
Moroccans stood up as daughters and sons of hope. Courage and ire, anger filled them.

"Morocco´s king has revoked his pardon of a Spanish pædophile after hundreds of people rioted in from of Parliament to protest against his decision. The pædophile, identified by the Spanish foreign ministry as 64-year-old Daniel Galvan Vina, has been serving a 30-year sentence for raping and filming at 11 children aged 4 to 15. On Friday, outraged protesters demanded the pardon be revoked and Galvan be brought back to the North African kingdom and imprisoned."
When he becomes king will he find you
 objected to this?
Perhaps we do not need royalty where there is people power? And which royalty has time for this issue? Did they all send a letter to the kings involved regardless of other differences for here it is about all children. Is it plain that the daughters of hope, Anger and Courage are not as celebrated in royal domains as Shakespeare made it seem? Except, and that is typical of ancient royalty, if and only if love is not directed to them. Yes indeed even if the topic was different nobody forgets how an angry King Lear behaved. The storm and the rage. Madness. King Lear went berserk and rolled in the mud because Gonril and Reagan would not declare their love for him as did Cordelia. When will the difference dawn? And when will one not sound foolish when they say that royalty needs to change or to disappear?

Pædophilia kings. Passports and visas. Intelligence. Prisons, castles and royalty.  Files again, broken bones and wailing mothers undoing Biblical Rachel. A blanket of sorrow covers the world. Children go missing. Others become silent shrouds of hopelessness. Kings, royalty. The King of Spain. The King of Morocco stand on guard for pædophiles
and there is not a church that that something can crumble and fall...  

And my anger rages here... 

For I can paddle my way
without your flotilla
without you who grants
paedophilia phallic passports
allow me to say in the crack 
of pæedophile files:
King and king are in madness
nakedness was not enough
For every child we bear
I dare your power wither
in Vina Daniel Mula
se marchite!

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