Saturday, November 26, 2011

Afrikan resources stolen just as Dag Hammarskjøld said

It is not surprising that there are many people who would have nothing to do with anyone promising support for democracy in Afrika. Years of betrayal continue. Dag Hammarskjøld, UN Sec General UN in the 60s was clear. He is still relevant. What is happening to tantlum or coltan in DRC is unbelievable. And everything continues as if all were normal. What is normal? That will not be for long. A world revolution born on the back of the Arab Spring must liberate the whole world. The taking of resources from those who cannot defend themselves is stealing. Multinationals have continued this injustice in many forms. There has to be a new way of dealing with resources in the world. Someone has to champion this. Many people. Billions of them. It can be done.
 There are many people in Afrika who are angry enough.  They normally throw out the whole western concept or any deed from the west, sometimes even individuals as evil to be rejected by all means. But we need those people in the world who know and see the origin of some of these problems. And I miss deep souls like Dag's! Shame! Thank you John Jones for keeping the flame alive and sharing with us. Here is your article.

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