Thursday, October 27, 2011


Kenya shatters herself in Somalia
 By Philo Ikonya

The eardrums of Salagle Town of Lower Juba in Somalia are shattered
Kenya kills her neighbour reducing 20 years of help to death
Abdi Kadir Ali has left for safety. Warplanes are the new sky
Kenya has moved into Somalia. Husbands are missing. Women
have had it with the weapon of rape unfailing in all wars.

Children die alone, weak and helpless, starved:

Africa's flag in the world.

Kismayo island.

Mekatilili wa Menza was imprisoned there as was Harry
Thuku and many others. We owe ourselves a dialogue not shells
and skulls  of children taken from the mouth of drought killing cattle
and women and men and shot through again and again and again for
A crime encrusted in Shabaabs. 

Thirsts break my soul.

When Kimaathi and Mau Mau fought the British and won
They did not go to England to kill. They had no planes
They walked forests that are villages now. They spoke to rivers
mists, sands and soils and heard the secrets of nature.
And beheld mountains and seas – Learn to focus.
The enemy is within your clothes. 

You shoot yourselves.


  1. Whom does the Kenya government gives precedence when it comes to security? Is it beings from the tourism that earns Kenya massive money or Kenyan citizens? Does any body really care what happens to the women and children who have repeatedly had it with the weapon of rape? Kenya is fighting it`s own shadow in Somalia, until when the politicians come out clean, stop being selfish and thinking with their stomachs , the militia groups like alshabaabs will always be a midst us . Betty Sharon -