Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Langaa published Kenya, will you marry me? You took my dreams from the tip of my pen!

Afia from Ghana wrote ....

Hi Philo!

I just saw your book here:

I will get it :-).

Kenya, will you marry me? is the story of my love for my country and where it all comes from. It is also how deep it is in me and that is why I have many words for my nation when I see others that take it and Afrika into such wrong directions.

We had mothers ( Mami) and fathers ( Baba), we have children, we have incredible favor from mother nature. The world and its narrow ways, poor politics will never take my focus away.. my love for a continent that deserves so much more than lip service....Kenya, will you marry me? Mary change? Kenya, will you? I am so happy that i wrote a song of love for my country. A song in which I told those whom I thought needed to be told they went wrong, things they do not like hearing but with much love... with much love, for I tood love Kenya.. It is the only way I have of loving any other part of the world.. loving my own!