Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stories about internet... and songs to welcome my new poems in This Bread of Peace By Philo Ikonya

I am welcoming my own book with songs and stories! You are welcome to read. It is listed on Google Books: This Bread of Peace by Philo Ikonya and is available on order by email to:

I have been quiet for a month and more..on my blog! It seemed like an eternity. Immediately I got my book- This Bread of Peace, from Lapwing, I was so excited! Then I think I had something that I have no name for.... It was time for "Reflections" ...I wrote to Janice Wong, a friend and a few people I know. It was some kind of postpartum blues... Wow! So, books are a part of ourselves and bringing them out is a real giving... of self.. Now am up! But another book is just about out.. and another one.. and another, and another.. They must find me dancing. I will tell you about them when they come!

It is wonderful to have a book written by Philo Ikonya (myself) online and on my shelf. I am welcoming my book with songs and stories.. about people and places and the internet.

For this, I only have the internet to thank. It led me faithfully to Lapwing, Belfast and my poems were lapped! Thanks so much, bird of hope, Lapwing! You did not know how often I wrote about a nightbird that I always heard in different parts of Kenya. It spoke to me of hope. I have a novel based on that song of the bird, It is my first book, yet to be published but now requested and I hope it works, in Mexico. It is titled Still Sings the Nightbird. It will be my sixth book this year!

It is marvellous to have persons you met online become such close obeservers of your life and work. It is at this point that I feel that even if so many people abuse online connections, the majority are out to be good. How would I have discovered that women in PulseWire: Olutosin in Nigeria, Janice Wong (who writes splendid Kiswahili from Cambodia, Jade (editor of Pulse) and so many others that I have only met online live for the cause of women?

I love to introduce my book, This Bread of Peace with this letter from Janice Wong in Phnom Penh righ now telling me this - "It is wonderful to hear from you. I am so happy for you regarding the publishing of your new poetry (and the other 4 books).

"I can't wait to find some quiet time to sit with your poems and drift off to the land you love. Would you mind if I posted the link on PulseWire with the Icorn interview (link below)?"

Join Janice and others in reading some of my many poeems here. I must say that it is only by putting out there that one even begins to know who they really are. A bit absurd but real!

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