Saturday, March 6, 2010

Drum me free

Drum me freedom


2:08 pm

Yes. I sit here at this second level of a wide flat
With a glass of hot water in my hand
It has lemon for my cleansing,
And honey for my healing and freeing.

I am looking outside at tall trees
And I get their energy that frees,
There is no sting in this bee.
If you ask, I will say it is just me.

I see the strength of the Nandi Flame tree,
I say to you who plays in my team
Drum me freedom!
Now you have got my name
There is nothing to tame,
It is I, of the family of the Mugumo.
I long for your burning flame.
I have had a tribal divorce,
But will not for that my tongue lose!

Burn this body I still feel freedom
Drum me freedom in my bosom
Drum me freedom that brings change
Drum me freedom when I wake
Drum me freedom in my choice
Drum me freedom when I sleep
Yes, drum me freedom when I swim.

Yes, I sit here and see the middle of the trees,
You have heard me of the freedom that cries,
Drum me freedom like the eagle,
That swoops and hovers over the bugle,
Drum me freedom of the little bird black blue,
That hops from branch to branch without a please.
Drum me freedom when I leap,
Drum me freedom when I dance,
Drum me freedom all the time.

Yes, drum me freedom and you will find,
All I have is freedom in me,
Freedom of colour just the ad,
Freedom within me bought with blood.
Freedom of all our people in one.

Drum me freedom so I grow,
Drum me freedom like a straw,
Drum me freedom in my voice,
I am already freedom in my choice,
I will speak politically free.

Drum me freedom when I speak.
Drum me freedom where I live,
Without a landlady Oh My Lord,
Coming to give me blows for her gold,
it is not her little money that I lack,
She will not stand the freedom of a woman,
Who says don’t paint me house am in.
She wants to drum me nose to no freedom,
Firm is my no, she cannot take it,
I dare live on a tree.

Well she would if it came from a man,
But here I am without a ban
For couloured freedom is my name
Bearing freedom was I born.
Birthing freedom my mother’s crown.

So drum me freedom with my pen
Drum me freedom in my den,
Drum me that, drum me this,
None will stand it save all my freedom.
Drum me the freedom of a victor!
Drum me freedom it’s our right!


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